Urgent needs - fridge purchase

January 2019

Support for Bożena's family, replacement of a used refrigerator with a new one

The health of the smallest ones

October 2018

Support for the smallest, those who have such a difficult start to life ... we supported Joanna

New life

September 2018

Support for a person recovering from an addiction. We want to believe that it will work!

Heroic struggle

July 2018

A heroic fight for children and yourself ...

Renovation of the gas installation

June 2018

Renovation of the gas installation. We supported a brave mother and her two teenage daughters.

Mrs Krystyna

May 2018

Support in basic needs

Local support

April 2018

Support for the local family from Gliwice - three different activities, from co-financing a language course to flat renovation and the most-needed shopping.

Sanatorium for little Lenka

February 2018

Co-financing of small Lenka's treatment

Winter jackets donation

January 2018

Winter jackets donation

Herr Peter Koch, Wir bedanken uns!