Our 'WHO'.

We, about us. We are a group of friends who want to help others. We believe that “to live, means you have to give something from yourself'.


Our principles

We help in particular, specific cases (individuals, families), we focus on situations which result from unexpected events, which are emergency cases; we also try to prevent - where it is still possible - to protect someone from falling into hopeless situation.


We help through individual projects, a tailor made intervention, one time support; time of one project should not be longer than 3-6 months, a maximum of one year in case of some annual scholarships for example.


We do not run projects concentrated solely on addiction recovery, we do not organise collecting funds for individual treatments, we do not realise projects oriented only on fund raising.


The Foundation does not employ employees and all activities are entirely based on the involvement of the Polish Wave's Team. The entire funds are allocated to support selected cases. There is no remuneration in any form for the foundation's activities. The Foundation finances its projects entirely from private funds - from contributions from members and friends of the Foundation.


Polish Wave - The Team


Sławek Stolarski - Polish Wave Foundation

Slawomir Stolarski - initiator and founder of the Polish Wave Foundation. After 8 years abroad (in Finland and Germany) returned to Poland in January 2017. Professionally active in finance and transport sectors. He would eagerly spend his free time reading books and traveling. Happy father of two little miracles Sofia and Iga.


Julita Stolarska - Polish Wave Foundation

Julita Stolarska: the Polish Wave founder, a graduate of the Pedagogical University of Cracow and a qualified social worker after a Finnish study in Tampere. Passionate about Finland, pottery and photography. Pround mother of two little gems Sofia and Iga.


Ryszard Pawlik - Polish Wave Foundation

Ryszard Pawlik: born in Moscow, raised partly in Silesia and partly in Shanghai, he spent more than a third of his life abroad. He has been living and working in Brussels for several years now. At the age of seven, he dreamed that as an adult he would have an orphanage. This dream has not yet fulfilled, but the need to help others is realized in the Foundation 'Polish Wave'. A fan of Oxford debates, football and Poznan 'TEY' cabaret. He loves to swim, dive and travel - especially in South East Asia.


Anna Pawlik - Polish Wave Foundation

Anna Pawlik: description coming soon, currently working on a Very Important Project


Monika Biernat - Polish Wave Foundation

Monika Biernat: an economist, currently working as an analyst at an international company in Cracow and raising her professional qualifications as an CIMA student. For several years, she has been an active volunteer at the Caritas development and didactic institution. In leisure time, passionate about mountains, running and all forms of sport.


Darek Stawowy - Polish Wave Foundation

Darek Stawowy: a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology and the University of Economics in Wroclaw. Since 2015, he has been involved in Szlachetna Paczka (2015 leader of the Walbrzych region) as a volunteer and donor. He works in an international automotive company. Councilor of the city of Walbrzych. He is interested in sports, playing football, basketball and tennis.


Daniel Jaremenko - Polish Wave Foundation

Daniel Jaremenko: married to Ola, having two beloved children, Alan and Cornelia, educated computer scientist. For several years connected with the activity of several foundations and associations - 'Merkury', 'Jawor', 'MKS Włókniarz Głuszyca'. Currently an employee at the WSSE, vice president of the Public Benefit Council in Głuszyca and the Town Councilor of Głuszyca. Interested in astronomy, antiquity, design and sport.


Aśka Stankowska - Polish Wave Foundation

Aśka Stankowska: has worked in the WSSE for more than 13 years, lives in Swiebodzice. She loves animals and can not imagine life without them, she has two adopted kittens. At home since she remembers there were always some pets and she considers a house without pets empty. In her life she has supported various charitable donations, financially by participating ie. in Zumba's charity marathons, collecting pet food or things for the needy family, but also organizing, for example, organizing the PCK Szlachetna Paczka pack and organizing the blood donation club and funds from the Blood Donor Club for sick kids. Asia is a long-standing Honorary Blood Donor and is trying to 'infect' others with that idea.