Urgent needs - buying a fridge

Family. Bożena, 64 years old, and Mr. Stanisław, 62 years old. Mrs. Bożena is retired and Mr. Stanisław is on a pension (about 800 PLN) because he underwent a severe heart attack, (he was resuscitated), in addition to neurological problems, hypertension and atherosclerosis. He spends about 200 zlotys a month on drugs and there is little left after paying his bills.

The family needs a new refrigerator, the old one broke down and unfortunately it can not be repaired any more, it is equipment that has been used for a long time. (about 20 years). At present, the family is holding food on the window.

The cost of a new fridge that we bought was PLN 1,200, we wanted to celebrate this joyful day in full, so we also spent a small amount on groceries. It was nice to see smiles on the faces of Bożena and Stanisław ...


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