The enormity of needs

Gluszyca. A small city located in the South of Poland. A Family. Mother living alone with two children, the enormity of needs. Very difficult housing conditions - apartment heated by coal, one room combined with the kitchen, lack of appropriate places to sleep for children, health problems… And still the place is very clean and neat, run by a caring hand of the mother who tries to create home.


Our first step it is just a throwing lifebuoy. The effort to solve the most urgent needs - provide heating for a winter, beds, clothes for children and other basic articles. And during Christmas preparing the Christmas gifts, to make this time special also for our family, who struggles every day. With the gifts we were able to use the great initiative called Noble Box Project - we got help even though we acted at the very last moment. Thanks to common work we managed to enlist also our family and organize so much needed help.


We continue our work. The safe shore is still ahead ...