Support of a neurologist

This time we are trying to help a family of four from Świebodzice. The 10-year-old son, Pawel, is suffering from epilepsy and has serious hearing problems. This negatively affects his school results. In addition, his mother, Alina, was recently diagnosed with leukemia; after a double bone marrow transplant she is undergoing a drug treatment of which monthly cost reaches 1 000 PLN.


This is an enormous financial burden - especially for a family that depends solely on the work of the father, Arthur. In order not to allow the drama of choosing between the health needs of the son or the mother, we decided to fund specialist neurologist speech therapy for Pawel. It's a series of 10 individual sessions - once a week for 45 minutes. We hope to see its first effects already at the end of the current school year - reflected on Pawel report card :-) This would surely also bring a smile on Alina’s face and further help her speedy recovery!