Little Lenka

We learned about the case of Ms. Weronika from one of our Coordinators. On December 31, she went to a hospital with her two-year-old daughter. Lenka had breathlessness. In the hospital they did not want to accept her and claimed that her mother was oversensitive. Parents with a child went to the second hospital and only after a dramatic crying request someone took care of the child. For three days, Laura was in a hospital in Walbrzych until the parents were informed that there is an urgent need to transport a child to Wroclaw because the hospital does not have adequate equipment for testing. The truth, however, was worse. Her daughter's condition deteriorated rapidly, Lenka was in a critical condition, she was intubated before transport to Wroclaw, her chest collapsed. In Wroclaw, she was put into a coma and hooked up to every possible apparatus. The doctor warned that the daughter has little chances..
Lenka, fortunately, came out of it. It has been found that she has some kind of asthma.

Doctors directed Laura to a sanatorium by the sea, of course the mother had to go with a girl and that's an extra cost of PLN 1,500. As part of the Polish Wave, we financed the trip. We are aware that medical appointments and medicines are heavily burdening the budget - we are glad that we can help at least in this limited scope.