Renovation of the gas installation

Discussing this case within our team, we were watching with admiration Mrs Paulina and her struggles to ensure the best living conditions for her family. We learned about her situation when in her work she applied for a free holiday, which would enable her to undertake seasonal work in Germany. This brave woman, a mother who raises her two teenage daughters alone, does not look for ways to bypass the otherwise soulless regulations. She works hard, also overtime, which in effect makes the income threshold crossed and leaving her without alimony. Needless to say, the father does not pay any child support. During the weekends, Paulina also bakes cakes that she sells for the purpose of improving her home budget. Its difficult financial situation was additionally complicated after the replacement of the gas installation.
As part of the Polish Wave, we covered the cost of refurbishing the gas installation and purchased a modern food processor. We are proud that we can help people like Mrs. Paulina.