Renovation of an apartment

Mrs Jolanta, 29, divorced, has two daughters, 8 and 10 years old. She works in a store with a minimum salary plus alimony and 500+ benefit. She lives in one room with a 54-year-old mother and daughters. 4 people in one room. The conditions are terrible (children sleep together and she and her mother are in other bed.) Clothes are kept in sacks and on top, because they do not have a wardrobe to hide them. The family has huge needs, furniture, for example:

1. Bed folded out for mom so she could sleep in the kitchen and there would be more room in the room
2. Bunk bed for girls
3. Wardrobe for clothes or wall unit with a desk
4. Chairs for the kitchen, because there is nothing to sit on

As part of the Polish Wave support, we have completed the renovation of the apartment and the purchase of the necessary equipment.