Mrs Krystyna

As part of the Foundation, we support individuals as well as families, both children and the elderly. We are proud that we can help comprehensively, without restricting our group of beneficiaries. Ms. Krystyna is a lonely and ailing woman at the age of 81. In her life she has struggled from many illnesses, she is after the removal of her reproductive organs (she had cancer, fortunately, as of today there is no disease), she also has diabetes, thyroid, hearing problems (waiting for a hearing aid from the NFZ) and cataracts - in June it is to have operations for one eye. Before Easter, she wanted to clean up a little but she felt.

The biggest expense and challenge is to buy fuel for the winter. This is the most important budget item - and most worries focus on what will happen next winter.
As part of the foundation, we supported Mrs. Krystyna in the purchase - in this case we could provide symbolic as well as the most specific heat for the needy person.