Krystyna and Tomasz

This time our efforts focused on helping a married couple - a 58-year-old Krystyna and her 59-year old husband Tomasz. He is after two strokes, suffering from post-accident epilepsy, and living off of invalidity pension. Their lives - already not so easy given their everyday struggles - nearly collapsed, literally and figuratively in October, when an apartment above their flat caught fire. The beams supporting the structure were burned and the entire ceiling collapsed, bringing down the upstairs neighbor’s stove, which fell across the collapsed floors. On top of all that, as a result of firefighters’ intervention, the entire kitchen was flooded, while the floor, the oven, the heating stove and all furniture were completely destroyed.


With the support received, they were able to rebuild the ceiling and renew the walls. Our Foundation bought them a new heating stove and the necessary cleaning agents. Finally and perhaps most importantly, we helped arange their home insurance which should ease at least some anxieties brought by this recent drama. Today, Krystyna and Tomasz have regained their hope and are even thinking about ways in which they can support the 'Polish Wave' in future.