Iza and Maciek from Gdynia

These past few weeks were also busy with our efforts to help little Iza and her brother, Maciek,
from Gdynia-Oksywie. The girl suffers from Cerebral Palsy with left-sided paresis and contracture of the Achilles tendon. Her family, overwhelmed by trying to collect funds for her treatment and rehabilitation, had to pass over other needs, even those that most of us consider most basicnecessities: new beds for both children (as the old bunk-beds are just too small for their age), a working washing machine and a refrigerator.


The 'Polish Wave' managed to get all of this for them. And that’s not all! We were also able to raise the missing 700 PLN to pay for the 2 400 PLN worth specialist orthopedic braces for Wiktoria, which were not eligible for reimbursement by Polish National Health Fund. We believe that with them on her legs, she could run like Forrest and carry her joyful smile to the ends of the Earth!:-)