How to channel positive wave

A 70-year-old mother, a daughter and a grandson of 10 years. The daughter long-time unemployed, taking care of her son. Apartment - approx. 25 m2, no bathroom or toilet -difficult to describe in more detail because there is physically not much more there. Extreme poverty'.


After a detailed, on-the-spot assessment of the situation, the whole team started brainstorming - via e-mails, telephone and Skype - on how to channel this positive 'wave' so that it helps reach the 'safe shore'? Conclusion: summer day camp for the boy and a bed with a desk so that he could have his own corner to learn, have fun and relax after the holidays. Organization of the day camp is in progress, furniture are on their way and Darek together with volunteers are set to come and put it all in place.