A man, 61 years.

A man, 61 years. Losing work due to frequent sickness. The entire catalog of illnesses: spontaneous hypertension, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, ulcers, hernias, osteophytes and degeneration in the spine .... As a result of high blood pressure there was an ear hemorrhage with continuing loss of hearing, which within three months greatly accelerated.

And this hearing loss was something in which we could help - it was again an action rather from the category of 'lifebuoy' than “reaching the safe shore', but it was important and much needed. We discussed it briefly. We decided to support a purchase of a good hearing aid. This was our largest single expense of ca. 600 EUR (2 400 PLN).

We want to help where we have the possibility of rapid response and concrete help. We do not focus only on families or just on young people - this case gives satisfaction by supporting a casual person struggling deeply with every day’s challenges. That counts.